6 Characters in Search of an Author

July 26-29 @ 5pm

Who/Where:  Mississippi Repertory Theatre located at 404 Taylor Street Corinth, MS 38834; 719-314-9819;

What/When: Mississippi Repertory Theatre will hold OPEN AUDITIONS for the production of 6 Characters in Search of an Author written by Luigi Pirandello. This timeless classic includes 6 male roles, 6 female roles and 8 roles for either gender. Auditions will be July 26th and July 27th at 5:00 pm. All roles in the company are paid and require a signed contract with the company.

Actors should be prepared with a one-minute monologue. We will be taking headshots and full-body shots for each auditionee, and the audition will be taped.

*** Resumes are not expected, however, if you have one, please bring it!

Description:  Winner of the Nobel Prize in 1934, 6 Characters in Search of an Author concerns six living characters-family members embroiled in their own human drama- who come to a theater and demand the manager and his actors stage life story. Filled with both humor and despair, the piece explores the fundamentally absurd and tragic nature of the human condition.

Role/Character Description:

  • The Father (40-60): a fattish man in his fifties with thin, reddish hair and blue eyes
  • The Stepdaughter (18-25): dashing, impudent, and beautiful; speaks and sings in French.
  • The Mother (40-60): the consummate figure of grief
  • The Son (25-30): a tall, severe man, often humiliated by the other characters.
  • The Manager (30+): largely a comic figure who agrees to play the role of the characters author.
  • The Boy (14):  timid and wretched.
  • The Child (4): the fallen innocent that does not speak.
  • Madame Pace (40s): The Stepdaughters exploitative Madame.
  • Leading Lady (18-25): stereotypical star of the stage. Plays the role of the Stepdaughter for Company.
  • Leading Man (40-60): another haughty actor. Plays the role of the Father for the Company
  • Second Lady (40-60): Plays the role of the Mother for the Company.
  • Juvenile Lead (25-30):  Plays the role of the Son for the Company.
  • Prompter (any):  ever present member of the Crew who holds the book and records the Characters Drama.
  • Actors and Actresses of the Company (any):  6 nonspeaking but ever present adults of any age.

Actor Requirements:

  • Must be able to memorize lines.
  • Must be available for evening rehearsals. A full rehearsal and performance schedule will be available at auditions.